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Curiosity Coffee

Ethiopia Idido - Natural - Curiosity x 1000 Faces

Ethiopia Idido - Natural - Curiosity x 1000 Faces



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The Idido mill, previously known as the Misty Valley mill, holds a long history of serving farmers in Yirgacheffe with meticulous traditional and experimental processing methods.

 While Yirgacheffe took its place on the map for outstanding washed coffees, Idido and its neighboring region of Aricha changed the conversation with special preparation naturals. In the early 2000s, producers in the area started experimenting with processing methods and helped develop the iconic natural flavor profile.

At Idido, the cherries are stirred non-stop with rakes and repeatedly sorted until they reach a satisfactory quality standard. The result of this care is a flawless natural coffee with mouthwatering fruity notes of passion fruit and green apple, with floral hints, a clean cane sugar sweetness, bright acidity, and a nutty aftertaste. Savor the remarkably clean finish of this natural process Yirgacheffe coffee that comes from thorough precision throughout production.


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