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Curiosity Coffee

Fatima Pacamara

Fatima Pacamara



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*this is a 6 oz. bag*

Benjamin De Dianous grew up around coffee in Boquete, as his father was a coffee producer. Benjamin has owned his 24-hectare farm since 1964, where he initially cultivated various vegetables. After moving to the capital to give his children more options for education, he and his wife, Irma, moved back to Boquete’s property in 1992 and immediately began to cultivate coffee.

Art has been a large part of Benjamin’s life, having a substantial collection at his home, including a piece that depicts his house, painted by famous Panamanian, Marco Ernesto. He feels Ernesto did a lot to represent the area artistically.


Here we ferment the cherry in the very same bags they come in. It is in this way our process maintains the essence of each micro-lot. The bacteria and yeast strains are unique and vary in each batch, and by involving them in the fermentation, we let the essence of the cherry shine. We open the fermentation environment to the air and allow nature to guide the tem


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