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Curiosity Coffee

Kenya - Kirimiri AB - Washed - Curiosity x 1000 Faces

Kenya - Kirimiri AB - Washed - Curiosity x 1000 Faces



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Region: Kanja, Embu County
MASL: 1700-1800
Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiri 11
Process: Washed
Tasting Notes: Grape, Blackberry, Caramel

The Kirimiri Farmers’ Cooperative Society (FCS) and its wet mill, the Kirimiri Factory, are located on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya, in a small area called Kanja in Embu County. Tea and coffee are the main cash crops here; they both thrive in the region’s deep red volcanic soils at 1,700-1,800masl and receive 1,200-1,400mm of rainfall each year.

Founded in the 1980s, the Kirimiri Factory now sources coffee from around 800 active members of the FCS. Each smallholder cultivates an average of 250 trees. Growers primarily produce SL-28, SL-34, and Ruiru-11 cultivars.
The coffee was primarily grown by smallholders – with an average of 250 trees each - who handpicked ripe cherries in the morning and delivered them to the Kirimiri factory (wet mill). The coffee cherries were subsequently disc pulped between two rotating abrasive slabs with the help of clean water, then fully fermented overnight.

The wet mill manager inspected the fermented beans for optimal textures of broken-down fruit mucilage and parchment coating before they were thoroughly washed. After pouring the washed beans down a sloped tiled channel, the beans were pushed repeatedly by wooden shunts back to the top to separate lighter and heavier beans. This ensured that only the heavier, denser, higher-quality beans made it into this micro-lot.

Finally, this washed Kenyan coffee was sundried on raised beds. Consolidated parchment volumes were then delivered to dry mills where the parchment was hulled, graded according to size and density, warehoused, and warranted for sale via the Nairobi Coffee Exchange.


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