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Curiosity Coffee

Mae Kha Jan

Mae Kha Jan



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Mae Kha Jan is located in Chiang Rai Province of Northern Thailand. Smallholder producers grow coffee in Chiang Rai’s high mountains and begin processing the coffee on their own farms, where they depulp, wet ferment for 12-24 hours, and fully wash the coffee. Most farmers dry their coffee on raised bamboo beds, others on patios, for 15–20 days.

After farmers complete the first processing stages, coffee parchment is taken from farms to the Beanspire mill in Mae Kha Jan. The mill is one of the most advanced in Thailand, with a destoner, huller, and a gravity table for density sorting. Beanspire’s co-founders, Fuadi Pitswan and Jane Kittiratanapaiboon, are also part of the young generation moving the Thai coffee industry forward. They have built Beanspire to produce quality from the outset, passing all coffee through density and hand sorting multiple times to ensure quality and uniformity.

Chiang Rai is Thailand’s northernmost province in what is known as the Golden Triangle, the intersection of the borders.


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