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Current Coffees


About Us

We are Curiosity - a neighborhood hangout and coffee shop in downtown Columbia, SC, USA who strive to connect people through good times and good vibes. We are an open, inclusive community who celebrate the wacky and weird.

We work with a variety of coffee roasters around the USA - showcasing some of our favorite roasters at our shop and in our online shop and collaborating on coffee bags we import ourselves or through importers such as Ally Coffee and Balzac Bros. Through travel and coffee cuppings - we curate interesting selections of coffee that we send to roasters such as 1000 Faces (Athens, GA), Reprise Roasters (Chicago), and Joe Van Gogh (NC).

We only purchase ethically-sourced coffees and strive to find more and more coffees with more transparency in farmer’s pay.

We work with a number of artists and collectives for the coffee mugs, greeting cards, magnets, stickers, and other fun stuff you’ll find here such as Citizen Ruth (Portland, OR) and Paper Wolf Design (Upstate NY).

Pour overs & French Press

Whether you prefer a Chemex, V60, Kalita Wave, or French Press - we have you covered when it comes to manual brew methods at our shop in downtown Columbia, SC, USA.

Coffee by Regions


Coffees from North, Latin, and South America. 


Coffee from Asia. 


Coffees from Africa. 

Flavor Profiles

Chocolaty + Nutty

Coffees with chocolate and nutty flavor notes. 

Fruity + Floral

Coffees with fruity and floral notes. 

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